Hi, I’m Tim O’Loughlin.

In 2009, my world changed forever. At work I had an accident, an accident that transformed every aspect of my life, taking away the simple things that I had always taken for granted, that I didn’t give a second thought to. 

I sustained a major back injury, my spinal chord was crushed and I became paralysed from the navel down.  Like anyone in my situation, it hit me and my family hard; emotionally, personally and financially we all suffered loss.

But what I found most confronting was that I no longer had my independence. I couldn’t go anywhere easily, I couldn’t just nip out so see my mates, I couldn’t just hop in the car to the shops – getting about was difficult, it was embarrassing, it destroyed my self esteem and I became a virtual recluse.

Going anywhere was too hard, so I didn’t.

And then I got a lucky break, I saw a wheelchair accessible trike for sale and I was fortunate enough to buy it.

It changed everything – it changed my life.

I could go where I wanted, when I wanted. From hitting the open road to getting to my medical appointments, my trike meant I could wheel up, lock myself into position and be off and running in seconds, with no help from anyone.

No special lifts, no beeping and buzzing ramps, I was in control of where I went and when I went.

And now, wherever I go, people tell me how much they love, my trike. They also ask where I got mine and can they get one for themselves, friends or family members.

At the moment wheelchair-accessible trikes are very hard to get in Australia, but with GetAbout, I am on a mission to change that. I want to bring the freedom, independence and lifestyle that my trike brings me to others in my situation, because I know how my life has been transformed and I want everyone to be able to Getabout whenever and wherever they want.

Of course, you’d like to own a GetAbout Trike, and we are committed to bringing the GetAbout trikes to production as soon as we can.

Your input on the design and expressions of interest from customers, potential partners and service providers will help us reach this goal.

Help us.

We are currently asking for potential owners to let us know the features, specifications and details that are important to them so that when we get ready to go, we build what you want at a price you can afford.

Complete our survey and help us build the best trikes we can.

Take The Customer Survey

By completing the survey, you will help us to quickly and easily develop a range of trikes to meet your needs and for us to develop our production schedule, finalise prices and create amazing products.

We will then keep you updated as to how we are going and when we are ready to go, you will be the first to know and hopefully own a GetAbout trike.

We’re going to a company that works with its users to design and improve its vehicles. And we think that’s pretty awesome.

Have you got the skills and resources to help us to take our trikes to Australia and the world?

From advisors to engineers, from project managers to manufacturers, a venture like Getabout International can only get going with amazing people who are able to help us out.

After all, we’re setting off on this journey and we must give ourselves the best chance of success.

We need experienced support, if you can help, please tell us via our survey.

So, if you can help or want to support us, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you and if you share our passion, values and beliefs, we’d love to work with you.

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