Our trikes really do provide riders with the freedom and independence to take control of their transport, to be able to get about and to not be reliant on others or the perils of public transport.

Tim rides a RIDAN 650, based on a 650 motor scooter. It is a dream to drive, it is responsive, quick and is stable and smooth cruising the city on the open road or on the highway.

The 650 is a twin cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled scooter with selectable automatic transmission.

We own the design rights to the RIDAN nippi, but we’re really keen to build on these designs and make sure that are trikes are what our customers really want.

So, we want you to tell us.

We are currently asking for potential owners to let us know the features, specifications and details that are important to them so that when we get ready to go, we build what you want at a price you can afford.

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We’re going to be the only company that works with its users to design and improve its vehicles. And we think that’s pretty awesome.